frequently asked questions

How do I get there?

From the North

Take Cedar/77 South and exit on Diffley Road.  Turn Left onto Diffley, then right onto Nichols Road.  Turn Right on Glory Drive.

From the South

Take Cedar/77 North and exit on Diffley Road.  Turn Right onto Diffley, then right onto Nichols Road.  Turn Right on Glory Drive.

Where do I park?

As you enter on Glory Drive, the main parking lot will be on your left which has handicap and visitor parking spaces.

What time should I arrive?

Sunday Worship begins at 10am with Fellowship time (coffee and treats) before the service beginning at 9:15 and again after the service at 11am.  You are welcome to attend all!

Are there kids in Worship?

We love having kids in worship! Kids@Peace is our school age program that runs September through May, the kids are dismissed during the first part of the service.  For younger children, we have the nursery available on the north side of our building. 

Will there be communion?

We offer communion the first Sunday of each month, and you are welcome to partake.

What do people wear?

Business casual is the best way to describe how the majority dresses at Peace.  There are also plenty of people more and less dressed up than that.  If you are comfortable, we are comfortable. 

What is a typical service like?

Usually, services begin a bit before 10am with some prelude music.  Then the congregation is invited to sing opening songs.  After that the Kids are dismissed, followed by announcements, and another song. The scripture is read, followed by a message.  Then we close with a song and a blessing.  Each service is about an hour.  

Do I need to let anyone know I plan to attend?

Nope. Though if you are comfortable, we would love to have you fill out our plan a visit form and/or our connect card.  That way we can make sure to answer any questions and follow up with you after.

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