Giving to Peace Church

It is through financial donations that Peace Church is equipped to "be and become more like Jesus to help our neighbors know God."  When you give to Peace Church, your dollars stretch throughout a world in need.  Your gifts help support the physical church building, the church grounds, the church staff, Peace ministries, missions that Peace supports, and aid in unforeseen circumstances such as disaster relief. We are grateful for the generosity we have seen and continue to discern where God is calling Peace Church next.


Cash Donations

Cash Donations are a simple and straightforward way to support Peace Church. By making a one-time or recurring cash contribution, you can help fund vital programs, initiatives, and outreach efforts. Your donations can be directed to specific projects or allocated to where they are needed most, allowing Peace to remain flexible and responsive to evolving community needs.

Check Donations

Writing a check is another convenient way to give. Simply make the check payable to "Peace Church" and mail it to 2180 Glory Dr, Eagan, MN 55122. This method is especially beneficial for those who prefer traditional giving and maintaining a physical record of their contributions.

Online Donations

Donating online at is easier than ever. This platform allows you to securely contribute using credit/debit cards or various digital payment methods. Online donations are not only quick and hassle-free, but they also enable Peace Church to reduce administrative costs, maximizing the impact of your gift.

Stock Donations

Stocks and Securities can be a tax-efficient way to give back. By gifting stocks directly to Peace Church, you may be eligible for a tax deduction for the full market value of the securities, while also avoiding capital gains taxes that would have applied had you sold the assets.

IRA Donations

IRA Charitable Rollovers for those aged 70½ or older, can be an effective way to contribute to Peace Church. Through this method, you can donate up to a certain amount from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) directly to Peace Church. By doing so, you satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) while potentially excluding the donated amount from taxable income.


General Fund

The General Fund is the backbone of Peace Church’s operations. Donations to this fund provide essential resources that sustain the church's day-to-day activities. By contributing to the General Fund, donors enable the church to cover administrative costs, staff salaries, facility maintenance, and other operational expenses. This unrestricted fund allows Peace Church to remain agile and respond swiftly to emerging community needs, ensuring that their programs and services continue to make a positive impact.

Missions Fund

The Missions Fund is specifically earmarked for outreach initiatives and community engagement programs carried out by Peace Church. Donations to this fund support various local and global initiatives, including disaster relief efforts, community development projects, and partnerships with other charitable organizations.

Designated Gifts

Designated Gifts allow donors to direct their contributions to a specific cause or program of their choosing within Peace Church. Whether it's supporting a particular project, scholarship, or service, donors can specify where they want their funds to be utilized. This level of personalization allows individuals to align their philanthropic passions with Peace Church’s objectives, creating a more meaningful and tailored giving experience.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts provide a meaningful way for individuals, families and groups to witness their thanksgiving for the life of a loved one. To give a gift in another’s memory is a faithful expression of respect and love that goes beyond death.

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