Missions Started at Peace Church


Kid's Peace Time (KPT) is a Parent's Day Out ministry .  KPT's mission is to give parents of young children time away while nurturing their children and providing social, academic, and spiritual learning opportunities in a Christian environment.


The Mercy Room at Peace supplies free clothing and toiletries to anyone in need and is open the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 12-3pm.


Oasis is a program for youth 6th grade and older providing a safe place to complete and receive help with homework  which is followed by engaging activities.


Deaf people are one of the largest unreached people groups with an estimated . 2%-2% reached globally and only 2%-4% in the US reached with the gospel of Christ. The Deaf are considered the third largest people group in the world who don't have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Peace is fortunate to partner with PDC to reach a broader community.


in our community

360 communities

360 Communities delivers safety and stability that improves lives.   Builds trusting relationships, and breaks cycles of violence and poverty.

the exchange

The Exchange is a co-operative community in Rochester, MN. We partner together, exchanging help, friendship, and skills for the good of all.

the open door

The Open Door, with the support of the community, assists thousands of local individuals each month connecting hose in need with fresh, nutritious meals.

Our saviors church

Peace Church has sent over 40 Laotian members to Our Saviors Church to be missionaries within their own community creating a new International Church.

in our world

feed my starving children

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations.

Peace Project Israel

Palestinian Christians want to see Israelis and Palestinians live together in peace and equality. 

missionary: Josh Bode

Missionary Josh Bode, pastors the PCO congregations as they build bridges and love their neighbors in Oman.

missionary: samm ellingson

Samm Ellingson is on staff with Cru as a content creative working on the app GodTools at cru's world headquarters in FL.

missionary: John hubers

John Hubers serves as a professor and consultant for the Christian-Muslim relations program at the seminary.

mission e4

Mission E4 currently has 1,029 unsponsored children. Your sponsorship of $41 a month will change their lives!

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