Peace Deaf Church

EST 2011

About PDC

Welcome to Peace Deaf Church (PDC), a vibrant community of believers located on the campus of Peace Reformed Church in Eagan, MN. Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive space for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to grow in their faith and connect with one another. We offer a variety of programs and activities, from Bible studies and worship services to social events and educational opportunities.

PDC Worship

Our worship services at PDC are designed with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community in mind. We use American Sign Language (ASL) as our primary mode of communication, and our services incorporate visual elements and technology to enhance the worship experience. Whether you are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or hearing and interested in learning ASL, we invite you to join us for worship at PDC.

PDC Events

Throughout the year, PDC hosts a variety of events and activities for our community to enjoy. From holiday parties and game nights to guest speakers and special workshops, there is always something happening at PDC. We welcome everyone to join us and be a part of our vibrant community.

PDC Giving

If you would like to support the ministry of PDC, there are several ways to give. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation online through our website. You can also give in person during our worship services or by mailing a check to our office. Your generosity helps us continue to create a welcoming and inclusive space for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to grow in their faith.

Deaf people are one of the largest unreached people groups with an estimated . 2%-2% reached globally and only 2%-4% in the US reached with the gospel of Christ. The Deaf are considered the third largest people group in the world who don't have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Donate to PDC

Thank you for your interest in supporting Peace Deaf Church financially.  Because of your donations, we are able to share the love of God with more of the deaf community than ever before.  You can donate online, by clicking here, or my mailing a check to: PDC 2180 Glory Dr. Eagan, MN 55122

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