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Peace Deaf Church

Jeff and Lynn Eccles began attending Peace Church when an Alpha course was being offered.  A member of the church that was also in the class was fluent in ASL and helped with the language barrier.  Years later, Jeff and Lynn each attended a retreat called "Deaf Encountering Christ," where they heard powerful testimonies and felt the love of God.

After the retreat, Jeff and Lynn began teaching bible studies for the deaf at Peace Church.  The classes grew in size until it was clear that the deaf needed their own church.   Jeff and Lynn had a friend that was a pastor and together they formed Peace Deaf Church. After the initial Peace Deaf Church's Pastor resigned, the congregation asked that Jeff lead the church.  Jeff accepted, became a pastor and is now the Lead Pastor of Peace Deaf Church!

"To study and to teach God's word in both formal and informal ways will always be a great priveledge and joy for the deaf ministry." - Jeff Eccles, Peace Deaf Church Pastor


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Deaf people are one of the largest unreached people groups with an estimated . 2%-2% reached globally and only 2%-4% in the US reached with the gospel of Christ. The Deaf are considered the third largest people group in the world who don't have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship SErvices

Our worship services meet in person at 9:30am and are also livestreamed on Facebook. Our interactive services consist of prayer, worship songs, art, and of course a relatable sermon!  Our services are translated for the hearing as well.

Donate to PDC

Thank you for your interest in supporting Peace Deaf Church financially.  Because of your donations, we are able to share the love of God with more of the deaf community than ever before.  You can donate online, by clicking here, or my mailing a check to: PDC 2180 Glory Dr. Eagan, MN 55122

Our Team

Jeff Eccles 500px square

Jeff Eccles

Peace Deaf Church Pastor
Lynn 500px square

Lynn Eccles

Bible Study Coordinator
Gretchen 500px square

Gretchen Toay

ASL Interpreter
Julie PDC 500px square

Julie Morse

Bill 500px square

Bill Vatne

James PDC 500px square

James Johnson


"Being and becoming more like Jesus to help our neighbors know God."