Join us for worship.
We LOVE having visitors!


Join us for uplifting worship filled with great music, authentic teaching, and friendly community. This is a casual service that is perfect for visitors and those new to church!



Experience great community and worship led by Jeff & Lynn Eccles for the deaf and hearing impaired. The entire service is done in American Sign Language. Email Jeff Eccles if you have any questions. (



Join our Laotian community for inspiring worship and great preaching in both Laotian and English. Led by Pastor Chan Sythavongsa, we meet in Room G-118 just off the Gym. Join us on the last Sunday of each month for a delicious meal and great community.


F.requently A.sked Q.uestions

Will this be awkward?

Nope. We love having guests, but we know that coming on too strong just feels creepy. We do our best to be available for you if you have questions, but promise not to overwhelm you. : )


Yes! With cookies! Every Sunday. 

10:30am in the Fellowship Hall.

What more needs to be said?

What should we wear?

Come as you are.  While most people wear jeans (or shorts), others choose to dress a bit more formally.  Honestly, we want you … to be you; so wear what’s comfortable.  (Bottom line, if your kids want to come dressed up like ninjas, that’s more than fine with us.  If you want to come dressed up like a ninja, please contact

I didn't grow up in the church, will I stand out?

We make it our priority to communicate the Christian message in a way that doesn’t assume you went to seminary. In fact, for many in our community, Peace Church is their first church. That said, we don’t shy away from actually learning, and growing and engaging challenging conversations. In other words, you don’t have to have any previous church experience, but we also don’t expect you to shut off your brain either.

I've been coming to Peace, and am interested in taking the next step... How?

We understand how easy it is to come to church and get “lost” in the mix. We don’t want that to happen to you! We recommend three things if you desire to see Peace Church become “your” church:

Come: While we realize there are a lot of things that compete for your Sunday mornings, if you really want to feel connected, a regular commitment to coming on Sundays is the best first step.
Connect: We encourage everyone to get plugged into a small group. Throughout the year, we have new opportunities for you to get connected to our short-term small groups.
Serve: We are always looking for help – and would love to plug you in!

How do I get connected to serve?

We have a number of opportunities to serve — both within our church, and in our community. Contact: