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    Birth through 4 years


    Peace Kid's Nursery

    The nursery is staffed by trained volunteers who love to care for young children. When you come, we will check-in your child and provide you with details on how you will be contacted if you are needed during the service.

    • First time visitors to the nursery: A Children's Ministry staff member will check your child an you in at the main entrance. (Just look for the coffee area!) We will enter your information into our check-in system and assign your child to a small group. Then we will provide you with important information about our program and direct you to the nursery.
    • After your first visit, parents can use the self-check-in stations located at the Peace Kid's wing check-in desk.

    For more information regarding our programs, please contact our Director of Children’s Ministry at or fill out the form below.

    14 months to 5 years


    Kid's Peace Time

    Kid's Peace Time (KPT) is a Parent's Day Out ministry of Peace Church for children ages 14 months to 5 years. KPT's mission is to give parents of young children time away while nurturing their children and providing social, academic, and spiritual learning opportunities in a Christian environment.  Visit the KPT Page

    K through 5th grade


    Peace Kid's Fellowship

    We strive to immerse children in God’s Word, teach them how to pray and worship, and show the love of God in every interaction.

    Our volunteer leaders are screened, trained, and excited to help your child know and experience the love of Christ through the teaching of the Bible, developing in them a belief in God’s presence in their lives. Together we hope to guide your child in:

    • Familiarize children with an understanding of the whole Bible
    • Encourage children to trust in God and his promises
    • Promote a lifestyle that reflects Christian values and the Love of Christ

    Peace Kid's Fellowship begins every Sunday in our sanctuary so feel free to have your children join you for the first part of the 10:00am worship service and they will be dismissed to attend their own worship service downstairs.  Together we worship, learn, and pray in an atmosphere that is safe and fun for our students. We welcome anyone between the ages/grades of Kindergarten – 5th grade.

    Youth at Peace

    In student ministries we aim to impact teens and youth by helping them Encounter Jesus, and giving them opportunities to respond to Jesus' work in their Lives. Alt the teaching at Peace Church is designed to be meaningful and impact students where they are, and help them take a step closer to God. We want each student to know and experience God's Love and grace while cultivating authentic relationships with other students and Leaders.

    If you are someone who doesn't know Jesus or you have known Him their whole life, our teaching engages students to figure out what it means to grow as a person, as part of a community, and in their spiritual Lives. Our prayer is that you and your children will grow in your passion for God and Live it out in every area of your lives. Concerned that you "won't fit in"? Don't be! We currently have many different school systems represented in our youth group, and make it a priority to do away with cliques.

    We think Jesus would want it that way.

    6th grade and up

    Sunday mornings


    Join us for worship at 10:00am. Our worship service is great for adults AND their kids!Join us after service from 11:15-12:15 for youth hang-outs and adventures!

    Wednesday Afternoons


    Oasis is a safe space for students in our area to come do homework and get some R&R. While students are going through online or hybrid school models this year, getting help with homework is a little more difficult. We hope to stand in the gap on Wednesday afternoons.

    Wedensday Evenings


    We gather at 6:30, play some games, and share the highs and lows from our week. We build community here! We talk about how Jesus can change our Lives, and dig into God's word in a way that encourages thoughtfulness and inspires life change. Join us for dinner in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 p.m.!

    Friday Evenings


    We have semi-regular events on Friday nights at peace. We've created a safe and place for your teen to spend their Friday night! Sometimes it's a movie night, sometimes it's a bonfire. Every time it is meaningful and impactful!

    All Ages

    Peace Performing Arts

    Peace Performing Arts (PPA) provides the opportunity for children to experience live theater.

    Peace Youth and Family Team

    J. Earley


    Pastor of Formation & Worship


    Youth & Outreach


    Nursery Coordinator

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