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Our goal in kids @ peace is to provide an environment where kids (and parents) can learn how they learn best, feel comfortable asking questions, and get to know Jesus. Our amazing volunteers and staff engage kids and families with music, crafts, art, and more, to equip them to lead a life of showing God’s …

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Worship is at the center of the church’s life. In worship, we acknowledge God’s worth. That worship encompasses the whole week—when we are out in the community, in our homes, or gathered together. Because Christians are all members of the one body of Christ, we make it a priority to come together to worship as …

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Holy Week is the last week of Lent. During this week, we remember important events in the last days of Jesus’s life, his death on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead.

of first time guests.

What we want to have in common with one another is our love for Jesus, and to understand that we are going to disagree about other things, and that’s okay.

This is the beginning of holy week. One of the most sacred periods of the year, Jesus comes in a way that we don’t expect it.

4.3.22 MESSAGE BY PASTOR BILL PEAKE Pastor Bill Peake:The word of God speaks to us all the time but most especially as we gather together in worship. We all own Bibles. We can read them on our own, but there is some special blessing that comes when God’s people hear the word proclaimed together. Listen, …

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