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We love kids!  We love their individuality, their curiosity about the world, and the contagious joy they bring.  Our goal in Peace Kids! is to provide an environment where kids (and parents) can learn as they learn, feel comfortable asking questions, and get to know Jesus. We engage kids and families with music, crafts, art, amazing volunteers, and more, to equip them to lead a life of showing God's love to others.  To learn more about Peace Kids! contact us, we would love to hear from you!


Summer 2021 Family Series

We will be sharing a new kind of lesson for you to share with your kids over the next several weeks of summer. It’s called “An Illustrated Earth!” An Illustrated Earth points out different major themes in nature and uses them as tools to help kids see what the Bible says about God, about us, and how we relate with God. We hope you’ll check it out and share with your kiddo(s). 

The lessons include a Bible reading, discussion questions, coloring pages, and a suggested closing prayer. 

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In this week’s lesson, we look at how God created water (the oceans, the seas, the sky). Did you know that in ancient times people thought the sky was just another big ocean held back by “the gods,” always at risk of breaking open and flooding the world? Big bodies of water (like the ocean) were seen as chaos, danger, and unpredictable judgement for humans. Well, the creation story from Genesis tells of a God who is in complete control of the waters. In fact, this God loves humans so much that the waters gave way to dry land where humans could live.

Those details are “fun facts” for you :). With your kids, you might explore what you love about water, why God gave us water, and how water might be symbolic in our lives. You can color the great coloring sheets with them, and express thanks that God cares for us so well.

Peace to you—have an amazing week!

-James Earley

Hey friend!

This week’s lesson is about the parting of the Red Sea—a scene in the book of Exodus, when God saved the people of Israel by parting the waters of the Red Sea and making a safe passage for them from their persecutors.

Has God ever done something like this for you? Perhaps creating an opportunity for peace, security, comfort, etc. that you wouldn’t have had otherwise? That might be something worth sharing with your kiddo(s) in this lesson.

I hope you enjoy. Please let me know if there’s any way we can be there for you!

Peace to you,


Hi friend!

We are continuing to look at water and how it points us to the God who made the whole earth, including you and me! In today’s lesson, we meet John the Baptist who Jesus asks to baptize him. There are some amazing questions and reflections in the lesson this week—I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy them with your kid(s)!

I’d like to share our church’s baptism liturgy with you. It goes like this:

________ (name),

For you Jesus came into the world;

For you he died and conquered death;

All this he did for you, little one,

Though you know nothing of it as yet.

We love because God first loved us.


Isn’t that beautiful? The waters of baptism remind us of the great love of God, and if that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is!

Peace to you this week,


Hey friend!

I hope the end of school went SO SMOOTHLY for your kiddo(s)!

I’m attaching the next installment in our “Nature in the Bible” series. In this week’s lesson, we witness Jesus’ friends experiencing some real fear, and Jesus caring for them in the midst of their storm.

Have you ever been in a storm? In some ways, it feels like this whole last year has been a storm. Some of us feel like we’re coming out on the other side, others of us are maybe still experiencing fear. And that’s OK. The truth is, in all of our days—whether the sun is shining or the sky is cloudy—Jesus is in control. He’ll calm not only the wind and the waves, but storms inside our hearts.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs connected to this truth:

I hope you’ll use this lesson with your kids as you start out your summer strong!

Peace to you,


Peace Kids! Programs

KPT_girls in truck
The Peace Kids! nursery is located on the West side of the building, it is staffed by trained volunteers who love to care for young children.  The Nursery is open during worship services and select events.

Birth - PreK

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Kids Peace Time (KPT) is a Parent's Day Out ministry of Peace Church for children ages 14 months to 5 years. KPT's mission is to give parents of young children time away while nurturing their children and providing social, academic, and spiritual learning opportunities in a Christian environment.

14mo - 5yrs

Peace Kid's! Fellowship begins every Sunday in our sanctuary beginning at 10am during regular worship. Kids will then be dismissed to attend their own worship service.  Together we worship, learn, and pray in an atmosphere that is safe and fun for our kids. We welcome anyone between the ages/grades of Kindergarten – 5th grade.

Grades K - 5

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Peace Performing Arts (PPA) provides the opportunity for children to experience live theater!  Lead by Director Dr. Kim Kokx, kids learn confidence, encouragement, and growth. Each production varies in age an abilities and we will always do what we can to accommodate all kids!


All Ages

We strive to immerse children in God’s Word, teach them how to pray, worship, and how to show the love of God in every interaction.

Our volunteer leaders are screened, trained, and excited to help your child know and experience the love of Christ through the teaching of the Bible, developing in them a belief in God’s presence in their lives. Together we hope to guide your child in an understanding of the whole Bible, encouraging children to trust in God and his promises, and to promote a lifestyle that reflects Christian values and the Love of Christ.

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