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being and becoming more like Jesus

Welcome members and friends, and a very special welcome to you if this is your first visit with us!  We have been blessed to be in community with one another for over 50 years.  We invite you to join us as we "be and become more like Jesus to help our neighbors know God."


Circle of Welcome Signup

We are still in need of a few people to begin Peace Church's Circle of Welcome Ministry.  This is a great opportunity for those looking to give back and become involved with a broader world view.  For more information, contact Pastor Tim.

We had a great turnout for our informational meeting with the “Circle of Welcome” program that partners a church with a recent refugee family to help them acclimate to life in the U.S.. A few of the things we learned:

  • Refugee resettlement in the U.S. has been at a historical low for the past several years, but will be increasing significantly in the years to come.
  • Currently the greatest need for support is among refugees from Afghanistan after the recent departure of U.S. forces there. The Afghan refugees are extremely well vetted for security reasons, and many of them are here because of their direct support of U.S. troops in recent years.
  • The “Circle of Welcome” program pairs a church with a family for the first six months of their resettlement in the U.S. to provide support that can include:
    • New Arrivals:  Volunteer teams work closely with refugees who have arrived in Minnesota within the last 90 days. Activities might include setting up furniture, helping adults find employment, practicing English, and running errands.
    • Post Arrivals: With language barriers and time needed to adjust to a new culture, refugees can greatly benefit from longer-term support by caring volunteers. In the Post Arrival model, volunteers work with families who have been in the United States for longer than 90 days. Your friendship and support can make all the difference in helping refugees become well-connected to their communities.
    • Distant Partners: With the Distant Partner model, any faith or community group in Minnesota, regardless of location, can help a refugee family gain greater stability more quickly by providing essential financial support for basic needs – including food, warm clothing for chilly winters, school supplies and money for bus transportation.
  • A Circle of Welcome church is asked to provide:
    • A maximum of 10 people who will have direct contact with a family assigned and introduced by L.S.S.. This group will receive training and ongoing support from L.S.S. on how to support their family by a L.S.S. staff person.  (more than 10 people can be involved “behind the scenes”, but they limit the main group interacting with the family to a maximum of 10 so as not to overwhelm the family with too many new faces.
    • A financial commitment of between $6,000 and $8,000 that goes towards helping the family get established (mostly through rent assistance over their first six months) as well as supporting the training and deployment of L.S.S. Circle of Welcome coordinators.

No Bible Study/Community Meal, Kids or Youth Programming Oct 20-22 due to MEA for district 196.

We invite you to come play Pickleball with us Saturdays at 10am!  No registration is required, just come on in!

Over the last few years, pickleball has been rising in popularity. In fact, pickleball is considered one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. The growth of the sport in recent years probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is a sport that is easy to learn and fun for mixed groups, no matter the age, gender, or skill of the players. 

Our Volleyball league will resume on October 18, continuing weekly Mondays at 7:30pm.  No experience required, everyone is welcome! Contact the church office for more information

For over 40 years Peace Women’s Ministries has supported the Ahuas Hospital in Honduras.  The money raised for the mission has always come from the PWM Salad Supper.  Unfortunately, this year the Salad Supper was cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.  PWM is still committed to fulfilling their commitment to the Ahuas Hospital in Honduras.  If you would like to donate to this mission, please give your check (made out to PWM) to Rozanne Witter, PWM treasurer or put it in her church mailbox. Thank you!


Heidi & Joe Anderson

When we first moved to Eagan five years ago we were in need of a new home church. We visited nearly a dozen churches over the course of 6 months but kept finding our way back to Peace and now call it home. The messages resonate with us, the people are kind and welcoming and we appreciate the connection Peace has with the broader community to help those in need. Tim's messages always leave us filled with the Holy Spirit and provide insightful discussion throughout the week. We also like how involved the members are and the true desire from the leadership team to receive input from the congregation on how to constantly improve and make this church a place where people truly feel welcomed

Anne S

Anne Spicer

We were church shopping after moving to Eagan and when a neighbor said she thought we might like Peace church, we went.  We were greeted warmly at the door, in the pew, at coffee and afterward.  Introductions were made and we were connected with children's ministries for our kids and adult ministries for ourselves.  We have not missed a week at Peace since that first Sunday nearly 30 years ago.

Roz W

Rozanne Witter

I chose Peace at a time when I was looking for a new church home.  I met a wonderful member of Peace at my exercise class and we chatted about an upcoming event that Serenity Seekers was participating in. I asked to join them and the women of Serenity Seekers during the event. They were my kind of Christians.  I attended church services and felt the same way about the other members I met.  I stay at Peace because of the Christian messages, friendships, and many outreach ways I can participate in.


Hans & Donna Givens

We were drawn to Peace Church initially by the leadership of Pastor George and Arlene Muyskens who sacrificially worked to inspire and build a family of faith here.  In the ensuing years, we have been privileged to invest our lives in God's kingdom together with friends whose wide interests, remarkable talents, and loving care have supported and enriched us through both good and difficult times. We believe that vision is still very much alive at Peace Church.

Anna K

Anna Kimmel

I feel at home when I'm part of the Peace family. Because everyone has accepted me for the way I am regardless if I'm in a wheelchair and I have mental health. You can feel safe at Peace Church because nobody will judge you for how you look or what problems you may face.  

Bon T

Bon Touch

Peace Church has and still is a place where we felt like we belonged. We were accepted by Peace family as who we are. Peace had overlooked the color of our skin, hair and culture and they have embraced us with lots of love, acceptance, peace and with great patience!  We will forever be thankful!

Johnson R

Rhonda Johnson

I'm here because of God's call on my life and I stay because of God's call on my life.  God's not done with any of us yet.  I love Peace Church because its leadership is focused on God's vision, not theirs.  This group of people are very giving and helpful.  Always there when you need something! Wonderful musicians!  Very inspiring music every week!

Dave & Sue Wehling

We like that Peace is not so massive, when there are visitors we can recognize they are guests and welcome them.

Wendy W

Wendy Weideman

Peace has been the focal point for every important event in my life such as:  Becoming a member of the church, high school graduation, college graduation, my wedding, the baptism of my children and is now part of my children's lives.

Deb Anderson

I grew up in this church.  It is a family that is centered in Christ reaching out to the community  giving unconditional love.

Patrick J

Patrick & Lilla Jamison

We were lead by God's calling to connect with other people of faith that were part of the church.  Those connections were deepened as we found ways to share our gifts in service to God, our community, and His church.

Marlys S

Marlys Smebakken

Feeling so blessed to have become members of Peace Church 42 years ago and still be members! Truly a church that offers so many opportunities to all ages for growing in your faith, caring for others, having fun and "becoming more like Jesus"!

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Jan Eliason

I truly feel that God led me to Peace after my husband died and I no longer wanted to drive the distance to my former church.  I did a web search for a local Bible believing church that had active women's groups and once I entered the narthex at Peace and was warmly welcomed, I knew I had found my new church. Since then my son Peter has found the same warm loving embrace. 

Marie L

Marie Lane

I came to Peace Church in 1961.  I had never heard of the Reformed Church in America.  So I began reading about the RCA.  I felt included here and was always impressed with the people who embraced continued learning.  We never stop learning.  As I continue at Peace and pray that we can always come open minds, open hearts and open arms.


Sara & Phillip Johnson


The people of Peace have been family when we're physically far from family.  We've learned from teachers here, watched our children get to know God here, and served and taught alongside friends here.  Peace has always felt like a reminder that while we might be part of a small "c" church, we are all a part of the ONE big "C" church. That is both inspiring and motivating (I need to do my specific part), and comforting and hopeful (I am not alone, but joined with others as Christ's body).  The donuts and coffee have always been a win, too


Larry Spicer

my reason for choosing and staying at peace was our early attraction to the youth program. Our two, now adult sons, grew up in the youth program and are still very close friends with the children they met in that program. They have been involved with each others weddings as attendants, seen them have children, graduate from college, go through the Marine Corps, all starting as children in the Youth program together. That combined with the many missions Peace is involved with, and my 20+ years with the contemporary band have served as a strong tie to Peace.

Clareen M

Clareen Metcalf

Over the years Peace has remained steadfast in their Bible based sermons and teachings.   They have always offered many choices of Bible studies along with different men's and women's groups. I am involved in one of the circles, where beside a Bible study we can be involved in missions and serving others. That has been very rewarding and fun. I have met a lot of "forever friends" here at Peace church.


Gayle Ellingson

In the mid 1970's, a friend at work invited me to a Mother/Daughter Banquet at Peace Reformed Church.  I had never heard of a "Reformed" Church, but I went with her and had a very nice time.  Forty-five years later, I am still going to Peace and my entire family has enjoyed the leadership, the programs, the people, and the journey with me!


Harold & Sharon Lake

Over the years at Peace, we have come to appreciate the associations and friendships of many very good people. It has been a pleasure to come to church on Sunday and see/talk with people we had become familiar with over time. Some that have become our closest friends.  Certainly, social relationships are important but even more importantly, we have been blessed with the preaching and teaching of a long list of pastors, assistant pastors, and lay people, We feel especially blessed at this stage of our life to have the preaching and teaching of Pastor Tim, Pastor Verlyn, and James. The sermons Pastor Tim and the bible studies he leads have expanded our understanding of scripture and provided new insights into the teachings of Jesus. For that we are very grateful.

Betsy V

Betsy Vrieze

Friends from our former church switched to Peace and highly recommended the preaching.  Our oldest son was 14 and we also heard about the youth program. Our boys had great youth pastors here and loved it. We stayed here for the same reasons and also the fellowship and many friends.

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Our worship services are a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional components.  We include traditional hymns and prayers, music from organ, piano, violin, choir and band all rounded out with relevant teachings of what the bible means to us today.  Join us weekly in person or watch our recorded services here

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“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” -Ephesians 4:32

Peace Church has long been referred to as "the church that cares." If you find yourself needing prayer or assistance in anyway, please reach out, you are not alone.

If you are someone who feels moved to help others, please reach out, we will match you to meaningful work.

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