Responding To A World In Need

Giving, and Peace Church

It is through financial donations that Peace Church is equipped to "be and become more like Jesus to help our neighbors know God."  When you give to Peace Church, your dollars stretch throughout a world in need.  Your gifts help support the physical church building, the church grounds, the church staff, Peace ministries, missions that Peace supports, and aid in unforeseen circumstances such as disaster relief. We are grateful for the generosity we have seen and continue to discern where God is calling Peace Church next.


For from him and to him and through him are all things. To him be glory forever. – Romans 11:36

Ways to Give


To receive weekly giving envelopes, contact the church office at 651-454-4542.  

Weekly Envelopes or
Post Mail

Donating stock or contributing through an IRA distribution provides some great tax benefits!

The process to make these contributions is simple:

  1. Download our Stock Gift Donation Form

  2. Give the form to your broker and let them know what you would like to donate.

  3. Send an email to treasurer@peace-eagan.orginforming us of your gift so when it is received we can credit it to your year end giving statement.

Stock or
IRA Contributions

Peace Church Funds

peace from north

The Peace Church General Fund accounts pays for the church building, the staff, the missions and ministries that are performed within the building, etc

Peace Church
General Fund
Peace Project Israel

The Peace Church Missions Fund accounts supports missions supported by Peace. Each year, Peace Church commits to organizations an amount that they can expect from us. These missions include The Open Door Food Pantry, 360 Communities, Mission E4, Urban Ventures, and more

Peace Church
Missions Fund
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An option when giving to Peace is to designate where you would like the funds to go.  

Peace Church
Designated Giving

Types of Giving


The weekly collection or online giving can serve as a concrete expression of gratitude and sacrifice.

Consistent Gifts

Leaving a gift through your will, establishing a charitable remainder trust, creating a gift annuity, or designating Peace Church as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy are just a few of the ways you can plan now to make a difference in the future.

Planned Gifts
Ault and Stoesz

In-Kind Gifts, such as labor and materials, can have a major positive impact on the Church. For example, if you own or work for an excavation, construction, electrical or plumbing company, your company may choose to donate its services and/or materials to the Church. This can be done pro bono or at a reduced rate. Tax benefits may apply for these gifts.

In-Kind Gifts

Gifts of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have increased in value during your ownership can result in tax savings. If your portfolio has incurred losses, you can use those losses to reduce your taxable income.

Stock Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

We understand that giving of your resources is at times a sensitive issue.  We are committed to being transparent, and good stewards of funds we receive. Please reach contact is below if you have additional questions.

A steward is one who manages or cares for another’s property, finances or affairs..

Our gifts generally fall into three categories:

  1. Time – Time is a precious commodity. A commitment of time is just as important as volunteering a special talent or making a financial donation.
  2. Talent – We are each provided with talents that make us unique individuals.  Talents such as music, art, public speaking, handiwork, cooking, administration; etc, are gifts that we can share.  
  3. Treasure – The church is like any other organization.  It has bills to pay, maintenance that is required, and expenses for personnel and services to fulfill the spiritual needs of the church.  

Yes, we can divide your giving in whichever way you feel called to give.

A pledge is a promise. To make a pledge to the church, you are making a promise (or covenant) to support the work of the church. In many churches (and in the Bible), the term “tithe” is used in reference to financial pledges. You may pledge your time and talents, and you may make a financial pledge to the church. Each year, we encourage attendees to fill out a pledge forms to gather “covenants” for the coming year.

Giving is the church’s source of income. Pledging helps the leaders of the church plan for the coming year. Like any organization, a budget is needed, pledges help the church determine how much income it can expect for the coming year in order to pay its financial obligations. 

We invite you to pledge of the gift(s) that you feel you can give. If it turns out that you are able to give or do more during the year, you may give or do more than your pledge; or if your circumstances change you may contact the church Treasurer to lower your pledge.

A tithe is one-tenth of your financial income. In the Old Testament this was the amount to give to God’s work. In the New Testament it is a starting point for giving.  If you are not currently tithing, prayerfully consider working toward that goal.

Special Offerings are collected when a person or organization is in need because of unforeseen circumstances, and is not part of our regularly supported missions.

Special offerings are separate from the amount you pledge. However, the church Treasurer does record these gifts along with pledged gifts and reports them for tax reasons.

Designated gifts are for a particular area in which the gift is to be used.

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